Streamlined Cuisine - Past, Present, and Future foods teamed with innovation and forward thinking is streamlined cuisine.

                Mission statement – is to raise food conscious and showcase unique cooking applications from yesteryear, today and the future.

Join Chef Alex Forsythe at upcoming demonstrations as this innovative chef delves into past, present and future foods with enhanced healthy Cookery.

 Chef Alex will revisit many of the techniques featured in the groundbreaking book authored by Irma S. Rombauer, Streamlined Cooking. Come try these inventive foods brought to you by the pioneer, Chef Alex Forsythe of Streamlined Cuisine.
Chef, Alex Forsythe, has a unique culinary journey on planes, trains, automobiles, and boats and is motivated by the power of motion.

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Talking points for demo:

  • From the Farm to the Table

  • Do you remember?

  • Streamlining with Modern Cuisine
  • Fast, clean, efficient applications
  • Allowing for more time to pursue other cuisine (complex Cookery) 
  • Vintage applications, modern Cookery, Energy Efficiency
  • Clean and Sexy food When did this Idea evolve?
  • Bento Boxes, picnic,  Nutrient dense, Smoking, Salting,
  • COMBI Convection 
  • Induction, Solar Ovens  and  the power of Raw.

"Were Food comes from" Gary Nabham

Other Services-

On-site Demonstrations- Team Building/Brand Showcase
Personal Chef Services- In a tight spot- at sea and on-land cookery services
Events and Entertainment- TV/Media/Awareness/Galley
Executive Chef Services- Sourcing/Placing chef
Environmental Chef Services- Where food comes from and where the waste goes - Garbology

Plane/Train/Ship- Efficiency Audits/Consulting



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